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We approach everything with a supercyclers mindset in order to influence our impact on the environment in a minimally invasive and positive way. 

So far, this has taken form in exhibitions and events in Sydney, Melbourne, London , Milan, Tokyo and further afield. Our success lies in our light footprint approach.

This has been especially challenging when it comes to short term projects like pop ups, exhibitions weddings, and launch events which would normally result in substantial waste. With careful planning, every aspect of these activities can be solved with minimal environmental impact.
Our experience in this area means that we can offer our knowledge and expertise still maintaning an emphasis on good quality design to your event or project. 

Have a read of these projects and events we have engineered, we will take on anything you throw at us, we love the challenge!

Urban Larder

​​  This was a supercyclers’ response to designing for an event - which was actually the perfect challenge.
In my experience everything about an event is decadent – and wasteful, so I wanted to offer an alternative response that considered what would happen next to all the things we proposed to use; decorate with, sit on, eat, drink, eat from etc. and still provide a memorable experience.
The Urban Larder itself took the form of an adaptable structure that was built from off the shelf hardware-store components, designed minimally with zero waste.
From the one event brief, we created three stages for this structure; first, it housed a celebratory meal served in two sittings to guests to launch the event in an empty space in Melbourne city. It then easily converted to a pop up shop at the event location a few weeks later, and finally it has been located on a little farm as a greenhouse.

​(Supercycle our Souls)


For School


Marine Debris Bakelite


The Other Hemisphere ​I


The Other Hemisphere II

Sarah K for Tretford Rugs
​This project between Sarah K and Gibbon Group’s in-house design team has resulted in a striking collection of rugs for Tretford Rugs featuring bold graphics and contemporary colours.
They are a series of 9 circular rugs in pairings of colour which are also avaliable as a set of 3 (pictured). They provide a graphic accent in a space, versatile enough that they can compliment the furniture thay accompany.
All of the cashmere goat hair used in the Tretford products has been dyed without bleaching which not only gives the carpets their stunning, naturally rich colours, it eliminates the use of harmful toxins in the dyeing process. For over 20 years, Mongolian goat hearders have provided this resource to Tretford.