Marine Debris Bakelite

seeing ocean plastic as a resource...

supercyclers' Sarah K & Andrew Simpson have developed a new material created from 100% recycled plastic collected from Australian beaches after it has been dumped out of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. 

We are all familiar with images of these swirling masses of plastic waste, delivered via ocean currents into two major concentrations between Japan and California. There is also microplastic so tiny that it is ingested by marine life and is devastating marine ecosystems.

Plastic waste from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is washing up in our tides onto our beaches – we've chosen to see this waste as a resource, collect it and use it to create something beautiful, useful and with a value that will mean that it is more likely to be recycled and stay within the wastestreams than end up back in the ocean.

supercyclers follow the premise that simply making recycled products from waste, can be improved by a bit of design thinking,  the focus is on creating something so beautiful and useful that you forget that it was once a plastic mess in our oceans.

​Marine Debris Bakelite is characterised by a marbled quality that references early Bakelite in look, weight and density. It is made from 100% recycled ocean plastic by using small scale industrial and hand manufacturing processes developed entirely by us.

Our first product, the Marine Debris Bento Box was launched at Tokyo Design Week and we've just completed the Marine Debris Bakelite Cup designed by Dutch ceramic artist Kirstie Van Noort.

Marine Debris Bakelite Products  can be purchased through our online store or through selected stockists