​​Still stretching the supercycling criteria a little - but too impressive to pass us by without a mention, is the work of Formafantasma.

Since 2008 design duo, Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin, have created their own unique worldview and presented the work that illustrates this view as cohesively designed collections to the rest of the world. FormaFantasma have a gift for drawing you into their compelling narrative.
Botanica, an exhibition presented at Spazio Rossana Orlandi in Milan this year, explores the early world of plastics. When the PLART foundation (an Italian Plastic Art organisation) asked FormFantasma to create something for them, they applied their typically culture-o-centric mind set to the task, launching a thorough investigation into the history of pre-bakerlite plastics to discover our earliest attempts to bind material together to create forms. In this investigation the era of oil produced goods is consciously ignored.

This looking back-ness provided the perfect opportunity to move forward with their own aesthetic to create intriguing and beautiful works. Using all types of plant based resin and even animal products they explore the natural world of polymers.
With a bit of a history and obsession with resin and other early plastics paired with a passion to move away from creating waste that damages our environment - even unintentionally, it didn't take much for supercyclers to fall in love with everything about this project.

What inspires you? (inspiration for the materials you make, and also inspiration for the forms of your objects)

We find inspirations everywhere! Once we were used to respond “contemporary art”, but we are getting bored of daily experience is already influencing us a lot. I guess observing peoples behaviours and being open minded to external signals is a good way to get inspired and most of all we trust our feelings and intuitions. 

You blend more traditional craft techniques like ceramics with your new or re-explored materials, what area is your background? - Where are you from and based now?

Well we studied design first in Italy and later in Eindhoven at the Design Academy. We are both Italians but now based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

We imagine you had pots boiling on stoves as you brewed your various plant and animal based concoctions as part of your Botanica experiments? Is this an accurate description?

I think this is a romantic vision of it. Everything is much more basic and despite some of our work is about experimenting with materials, we are usually not really interested in the technical part of it. Every time we really interested in the technical part of it. Every time we investigate a material we are more interested in its cultural and evocative qualities more then the mechanical ones.
How do you research?
All different methods together. First is always the internet, then books and if needed other experts.
Did you come up with some particular product that you really like and will use again?  
When we work there are always elements in each project that end up being in the next one. We would not talk in any case about products but more about ideas.
It is worth visiting FormaFantasma's website to hear about the project from their own perspective, but also because this is not their only clever idea...